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Please note that prices are subject to change. If you are needing a more complete cost estimate than what is listed below please email us at

Travel is calculated by mile and/or time depending on where you are located. Range $60-120


Physical exam: $68.75

Dental: $224 -includes sedation, a full oral exam and a performance float, does NOT include any extractions or xrays

5 way vaccine: $70.22

Coggins:$100.00 *overnight shipping fees may apply ($52)

International Health Certificate: $110 for the first one $68/additional horse

X-rays: $200 first view, $57 each additional view

Chiropractic exam and adjustment: $100

Pasture Pregnancy Panel blood test $194.42

Ultrasound for pregnancy: $75

Equine Cushings (PPID) Test $176.68

Fecal Exam $25

Telemedicine: $55 per 30 minutes *must have valid VCPR

Euthanasia: $320

Gelding/Castration: ~$500

Small animal

Physical Exam: $68.75

Rabies vaccine: $29.39

Canine 5 way vaccine: $27.50

Kennel cough vaccine: $26.25

Feline 3 way vaccine: $26.00

Canine spay*: will be offering soon!

Canine Neuter*: ~$325 (80lb weight limit)

Feline Spay: ~320

Feline Neuter: $170

Dental: ~$325 **scale/polish only, no extractions or radiographs

Sedated cat shave: $200

Interstate Health Certificate/Certificate of Veterinary Inspection: $60 *requires physical exam

Chiropractic exam and adjustment: $85

Telemedicine: $55 per 30 minutes *must have valid VCPR

Ultrasound for pregnancy: $75

Home euthanasia: $175

Body transport: $85

Cremation: private (ashes returned) or group (no ashes returned) range from $200-400 depending on weight, calculated day of

*Please contact us to inquire about kennel discount pricing, requires a minimum of 5 dogs be scheduled for spay/neuter



Individual physical exam: $68.75

Small ruminant disease screening (CAE and CL): $58.21 each

Ultrasound pregnancy checking: $150/hour or $50 per individual

Herd health consulting: $150/hour

Disbudding: $35/animal *includes sedation and pain control

Telemedicine: $50 per 30 minutes *must have valid VCPR

Emergency Fees

Emergency/same day fee: $176.75

After Hours fee: $202.00

After hours travel fee: $125-200 *varies pending location

Nonclient fee: $200 *if you have not been seen for routine care in the last year


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