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General Client Information 

Veterinary Client Patient Relationship (VCPR)

      A veterinary client patient relationship, VCPR for short, defines the relationship between you, your animal and your veterinarian. It can look a little different from species to species, but the basic premise is that your veterinarian knows you and your animal well enough to be able to address any medical issues.

     With small animals and horses this is covered by an annual exam. Dr. Llanes will do a complete nose to tail exam and we will discuss things like diet, exercise and environment. With livestock this involves an annual site visit where we discuss herd health, nutrition and management practices (breeding, sick animal protocols, castrating, etc.).

     Why do we care about having an up to date VCPR? Maintaining this important relationship ensures that we are doing the best we can to let our animals live their best, healthiest, most productive lives. Whether it is keeping your heart dog hiking with you for as long as possible, or increasing weaning weights on your calf crop, routine veterinary care has proven benefits. This also opens the window for telemedicine appointments. Dr. Llanes is just one person, covering a very wide practice area. She cannot always be everywhere at once, and, being in unpredictable Alaska sometimes she physically cannot get to an animal. If you have a valid VCPR we can discuss things over the phone and come up with a plan to address your needs while deciding if or when the animal can be seen. This can be particularly useful when dealing with a colicky horse or during kidding/lambing season. Dr. Llanes is a big believer in preventative medicine, part of establishing this VCPR involves arming clients with the knowledge and tools to be ready in case of an emergency or illness. Lastly, a VCPR supports the small business that is Interior Mobile Vet.. Only calling your veterinarian when there is an emergency every couple years will not sustain a business. So, support local and help IMV stay in business for years to come. Dr. Llanes also really likes to see your animals when they are happy and healthy and not just when they are sick!

     Emergency care and a VCPR. As stated above, it does not support the wellbeing of the practice nor the veterinarian when you only call your vet when there is an emergency. For this reason emergency services will only be offered to large animal clients with an existing VCPR. IMV does not offer small animal emergency services. Dr. Llanes cares deeply for her patients and tries her very hardest to be there for them. Dr. Llanes will see a non client, or a client with an outdated VCPR, for an emergency ONCE and only ONCE. After that you will be informed of this policy and expected to do your part in maintaining a VCPR to continue to have access to emergency care.

     We know life gets crazy and you have a lot to remember as it is. Don’t worry about trying to remember to renew your VCPR every year, we will send you reminders 😊

Cancellation Policy

A one weeks notice is required for any cancellations or rescheduling. Cancelling with less than a weeks notice will result in a $150 cancellation fee as well as your intended travel fee ($70-150). Being a mobile veterinarian that covers a very wide and rural practice area, scheduling is very logistically challenging. We understand that things come up and sometimes life happens, so each case will be handled individually, we just ask that you please respect the time we have set aside for your animal. 

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